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I’m a down to earth, community-minded businessman. I live, work and run businesses in the City of Perth and have done for many years.  

My very first job was working at Vanguard printing in Northbridge when I was 15. From there I opened my first business next door. Twenty-four years later, we're still here. Over the years, the business has grown, allowing me to diversify with other opportunities - all in the City of Perth. I feel very fortunate that I have been a part of the City of Perth community for over 30 years, I’ve seen this city change and grow and now I want to give back to it.

I think it’s very important to give back to the community - it's part of my DNA. I have been lucky enough to assist not-for-profits and charities as a board member, chair and as a volunteer. This has given me an insight into the needs and wants of communities and individuals.

Yes, I do and I really love living in the city. It allows me to get so much done and allows me to jump on a bike and ride around the river or walk into China town for a great, quick meal or jump on a train and head to the stadium.

It just has so much to offer - living and working here is my life.

I genuinely want to work hard for the people, council staff, and businesses of the City of Perth - listening to their needs and their dreams for our City, and helping facilitate them.

The only real conflict I have is how much I care about our community and the fact that I am totally invested in our city - it's my home.

I am in the city 24/7, I am highly visible and I won’t be disappearing if I am successful.

I will still be at the local supermarket, the local butcher, the local café on weekends for breakfast. I want to get to know as many of my fellow residents, business owners and stakeholders, to be a proxy for the people.

You can give me a call, send me a message, book an appointment or drop in during community hour once a week. My door is always open.

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